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Hi and welcome to Bruce Lee dvds the site which lists  every film and documentary that Bruce Lee has starred in and that is available on DVD.  It importantly lists dvd's and Blu ray's that are available for that title, the different versions released and where to purchase them. I hope you find this site useful and if you wish to contribute or spot any mistakes please let me know.

Beware there is a lot of piracy surrounding Bruce Lee movies on disc, we have tried on this site to list all originals.

What are the best Bruce Lee dvd's?…that depends on what your looking for, uncut, anamorphic widescreen, English dubbed? Please browse the different catagories to see what is available, the specifications on the discs and the extra features. Enjoy browsing.......

Big Boss 4K HK
Big Boss 4K USA
Fist of Fury 4K HK
Fist of Fury 4K USA
Game of Death 4K HK
Box Set 4K UK

The new 4K restorations of the Bruce Lee films are finally getting released in Hong Kong, UK and the USA.

Kam & Ronson have so far released The Big Boss and Fist of Fury and Game of Death onto Blu ray and the transfers are far superior to the previous releases. The only downside is that they only have remixed Cantonese / Mandarin 7.1 soundtracks, no original mono, but do have English / Chinese subtitles.

The first USA releases are Big Boss and Fist of Fury but these have been given the American release names of Fists Of Fury (The Big Boss) and The Chinese Connection (Fist of Fury). These should have reversable covers with original names and the original names will be on the films themselves. Also these will have original mono and the English dubs.

Finally these are also rumoured to be getting a UK Blu ray release in the form of a boxset from Mediumrare, which will include all five Lee films, Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon and Game of Death all with new master transfers. No confirmation yet or what extras will be included. Above are pictures of all the covers, click on them for more details or to order, USA and HK discs are locked to region A. UK Box Set Region B.